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Noticeboard: Sunday 25 July 2021

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Important Developments in Attending Mass In Our Parishes

Following the recent Governent guidelines, and input from the Bishops’ Conference Covid Working Group (see below), we are seeking to increase the capacity within both churches with 1 metre distancing for most of our seating. At St John’s, that will be the case for all the seats in the main aisle. However, the seating in part of the sides aisles and the two side altars will remain at 2 metre distance, allowing parishioners to have a choice of increased distance if desired. At St Mary Magdalene’s, we will be changing the seat numbers by next weekend, and will have a similar balance between 1 and 2 metre seating.

In our efforts to encourage more people to return to attending Mass, we are hoping gradually to suspend the necessity to book in advance, although in keeping with Health and Safety regulations, we are still required to

• collect names and telephone numbers for Track and Trace

• use hand sanitisers and sanitise seating

Many thanks for your patience and support during this time of transition….

Noticeboard: Sunday 4 April 2021

For a full list of updates and new items, please have a look at our latest newsletter


  • …with Masses as ‘normal’ – i.e., Vigil Mass at St John’s at 6.30pm and Sunday morning Mass at 9.30pm at St John’s and 11.15am at St Mary Magdalene’s. We will continue to offer Mass in the Prayer Room at 11am on Sunday on YouTube and Facebook, though this will now be pre-recorded on Saturday.

  • To help us to manage the numbers, if you wish to come to one of the ‘live’ Saturday and Sunday Masses, please contact the parish house

  • by phone (0131 669 5618 – a special number) only on

  • Wednesday 10am to 1pm - Thursday 10am to 1pm -Friday 11am to 1pm or by email (

  • Due to the COVID regulations we have limited seatings available and therefore we advise early booking.

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