Safeguarding: Our Approach

Safeguarding is a duty that is rooted in the message of Jesus and in the mission of the Church. The Catholic Church in Scotland aspires to the highest standards with regard to the care and protection of children and vulnerable adults, and actively promotes justice for, and provides assistance to, those who have been abused.

  • We are committed to respecting, protecting and nurturing the dignity of all people.

  • We are determined that the Catholic Church in Scotland will offer a safe place in all Church premises and activities, and with all Church personnel.

  • We are committed to improving the culture of our Safeguarding approach in order to rebuild trust and confidence in the ways in which we ensure that children and vulnerable adults are kept safe.

Our Safeguarding approaches, led by each Bishop and Major Superior, and delivered by clergy, Religious, Safeguarding personnel and lay people in every parish community, Religious Institute and Catholic organisation, are designed to protect and heal, to safeguard and nurture all who have contact with Catholic faith communities across Scotland. They can be found in detail in the policy document 'In God's Image'.

Scottish Catholic Safeguarding Service

The Scottish Catholic Safeguarding Service was established by the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland to lead the Church’s strategy for developing effective Safeguarding arrangements. Its primary role is to support the Safeguarding work of Dioceses, Religious Institutes and Catholic organisations that interact with vulnerable groups.

For more information on safeguarding, please visit the Scottish Catholic Safeguarding Service website:

Safeguarding Training courses

For those parish volunteers who have PVG and have attended personally a part one induction training course there is now online training available via Zoom for the part two induction courses.

Attendance at such a course is essential to ensure continuous approval for working with children and vulnerable adults. Please try and avail yourself of this opportunity.

Availability is as follows:

Saturday 24th April at 1.30 pm - trainer Scott Mackenzie -

Sunday 25th April at 1.30 pm- trainer Callum Timms -

Saturday 15th May at 1.30 pm- trainer Scott Mackenzie

Sunday 16th May at 1.30 pm - trainer Callum Timms

The course will include practical examples of safeguarding issues

The course will probably last as as long as the part one course i.e. about 90 minutes. If you need further information you should contact by email the trainer for the date you are interested in attending, and he will be able to provide it.

Please book directly online with either Scott or Callum. 100 places are available for each session and must be pre-booked to obtain the joining details.

There are several recently recruited volunteers with PVG who have not yet attended the part one induction course. It is important that those who have not yet attended a training course do so as soon as possible to ensure they receive full approval to work with children and vulnerable adults.

To facilitate this happening part one induction courses have also been made available online as undernoted and those volunteers who have not yet attended any course are strongly advised to avail themselves of this opportunity to do so.

Part one induction courses

Monday 19th April 7pm

Saturday 24th April 10.30 am

Wednesday 28th April 7 pm

Saturday 8th May 10.30 am

The trainer is Margaret Andow. Please book directly online with Margaret at margaret

There are 10 places available for each session and must be pre- booked to obtain the joining details.